Requirements to Volunteer

This page outlines how to register as a volunteer….

To protect our athletes, there are several steps to becoming a “Class A Volunteer” that is required before you can interact with the athletes (recommended for everyone). It looks complicated (it is!), but worth completing. Most of the work is online and normal free (background check) are paid by us!  If you are required to also get a fingerprint check (if new to PA), you must pay that fee. All coaches are considered a “Class A Volunteer“.

Click HERE to see a more complete description of volunteer roles.

First step for any new volunteer:

First you must create a userid and password to start the process and complete all the required steps in volunteering . Click HERE FOR Volunteer Registration Page to create your account.  Note.. All volunteers in Delaware County must select “Class A Volunteer”  when given the option when first registering.

Once you have an account, you may login to the SOPA Volunteer Portal to complete the registration process. Click HERE to access the portal and complete the rest of the required steps.

Three Mandatory Trainings (for All Class A Volunteers) which are completed via the portal:

  1. General Orientation 
  2. Protective Behaviors
  3. Concussion Training

In addition to the online forms, the Class A Volunteer must also complete these paper forms and return them to coach or other management person:

  1. Volunteer Code of Conduct (everyone)
  2. Disclosure Form for minors and Out of State Residents (required yearly)

Volunteer Opportunities – List of current local volunteer needs for the coach, assistant and other vital volunteer positions.


Complete the New Volunteer question form below if you have any questions and someone will get back to you for assistance:

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