Season: Summer/Fall (July thru December)

Overview: Bowling has single and double teams.

Special Olympics Resources for Bowling

Equipment: DELCO will provide all required equipment (bowling ball/shoes)

Uniform Requirements: DELCO will provide athletes with a bowling collared shirt for competitions. Athletes are responsible for providing long pants for males and ? for females.

Practice Overview:

Eligibility for State Competition: Athletes must attend at least 8 practices and participate in qualifiers to be eligible to compete in Summer Games. 

Participation in Other delco Sports: Athletes can participate in other SOMO sports as long as the athlete can maintain full practice participation in each participating sport.

Housing Requirements for State Competition (Summer Games): Athletes participating in Summer Games will be housed for two nights in hotels, along with chaperones and the coaching staff, at a ratio of 3 athletes per chaperone/coach. 

Other Considerations: None

Head Coach: Dal Byers    Email:

Season Dates & Times:

Practices: Sundays from 12 pm to 2:30 at Wynnewood Lanes. Starting in Mid-July.

Qualifiers: Sectional will be sometime in December.

Summer Games at Penn State – June 11-13, 2020