Season: Fall (July to October)

Overview: Bocce teams consist of two Special Olympic athletes.

Special Olympics Resources for Bocce

Equipment: DELCO will provide all required equipment.

Uniform Requirements: DELCO provides collared shirt for competitions.

Practice Overview: Athletes practice with each other on the Bocce courts at Maris Grove (Glen Mills) or Mary Magdaline (Newtown Square).

Eligibility for State Competition: Must attend qualifier to be eligible for state competition. 

Participation in Other delco Sports: Athletes can participate in other SOMO sports as long as the athlete can maintain full practice participation in each participating sport.

Housing Requirements for State Competition: No housing required.

Other Considerations: None

Head Coach: Carl MacMullett E-mail: at Maris Grove or Mary Quinn at Mary Magdaline

Season Dates & Times:

Practices: Thursdays from 6:00 thru 8:00 PM at Maris Grove usually beginning the first Thursday after July 4th.

Qualifiers: Eastern Fall Sectional

Final games are the Fall Festival and Bocce Bash (one to three teams)