Coach’s Corner

The Coach’s Oath

“In the name of all coaches,
I promise that we shall take part in these Special Olympics Games,
respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them,
in the true spirit of sportsmanship,
for the glory of sport and the honor of our team.”

Coach’s Handbook forms now on-line

Medical Checklist

SOI prohibits the Use of 15 Passenger rental Vans.

Because of increased incidents and concerns about the high density vehicle and concerns about inexperienced drivers, the move was made in the interests of the athletes’ safety. Buses, minivans and the slightly smaller 12 passenger vans will be used. The 15 passengers vehicles are allowed when used by a transportation company, School or residence, driven by professional drivers.;

New Protective Behaviors program is now required by all “Class A” volunteers.

All volunteers that have direct contact or potentially have direct contact with the athletes, are typically considered “Class A” volunteers. The purpose of the program is to protect the athletes from potential physical, sexual, emotional or mental abuse. All need to submit a volunteer application prior to involvement and are required to participate in the Protective Behaviors Program and are asked to renew this training every three years. The training takes about 15 minutes and is available on-line at the link below. If your volunteer application is already on file, the International organization website will send a message of your certification or renewal to Pennsylvania. Re-certification in Protective Behavior is required by all volunteers, every three years. Click HERE to go to Protective Behavior Site

Continuing Education for existing coaches
Q & A

Q -I have been hearing about continuing Education being required for certified coaches. What are the requirements?
A – The policy can be found in the following link. Coaches Continuing Education

Q -Is it true that Special Olympics insures the participants and volunteers?
A – Special Olympics carries a secondary policy, which means that any and all claims must be first submitted to the individual’s own insurance for payment. The Special Olympics insurance coverage will then cover any remainder.

Q -I would like to get an updated Coach’s Manual or check out other coach resources.  How do I get one?
A – The Coach’s resource page is on-line so they can downloaded and printed or viewed in a WORD or ACROBAT format. Just go to the link: SOI Coaching Resources Site

Q -Is it okay if an athlete participates in a training just after their medical expires?
A – No, Any participation without a completed, current Special Olympics athlete application, whose original has been audited for completeness and on file in the local office is not eligible. A good copy also has to be supplied to the head coach a must be available at all trainings.

Q -In addition to the Coach’s trainings Special Olympics offers, are there any other sports training available for coaches?
A – Special Olympics is committed to skills development of both the athletes and it’s coaches. Coaches and Officials intending to remain with the program have been sponsored in licensing in various sports in trainings offered by the sport’s governing body.

Q -I belong to a sports organization and while I love coaching Special Olympics, how can convince my fellow organization members they should help with Special Olympics?
A – In addition to the personal reward you have experienced, Special Olympics coaches can benefit in several ways. Coaches find that training Special Olympics athletes sharpen their communication skills and they become much more sensitive to how their instructions are interpreted, and become more creative with how they positively motivate for performance. Many also claim they experience a more pure sense in the spirit of sports and sportsmanship.

Q -Isn’t it unfair to expect the Special Olympics athletes to abide by sports rules they don’t understand?
A – The Special Olympics movement is based on the belief that these athletes can learn to abide by rules an thrive when continually challenged. We should concentrate on presenting these opportunities and challenges and we may find that their limitations were really due to our low expectations.

Q -Where do I start?
A – A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. Take the step, watch a training, help at a training, see if you like it, ask questions, attend a one day coaches training.

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