To protect our athletes, there are several steps to becoming a “Class A Volunteer” that is required before you can interact with the athletes. It looks complicated (it is!), but worth completing. Most of the work is online and normal fees (ie background check) are paid by us!  Click HERE to see the volunteer roles that require this application. Other volunteers may submit the paper volunteer form (see below).

Three Mandatory Trainings (for All Volunteers)

  1. General Orientation  – To take the required online quiz, click HERE
  2. Protective Behaviors – To take the required online quiz click HERE
  3. Concussion Training – To review SOPA requirements and training choices, click HERE
    • SOPA Recommended: National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports training course which is available HERE
    • The Centre for Disease Control’s Heads-Up Concussion in Youth Sports training course, which is available HERE

To register as a Class A Volunteer – please go here – SOPA Volunteer Portal and complete ALL of the required steps online!

To register for other volunteer rolls (no athlete contact or financial role), complete the following forms:

This form is needed in addition to the volunteer form.

In addition:

New Volunteer form:

Subject: New Volunteer Request

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